Things Were More Awesome.

I’ve been fishing a lot recently.

It’s not my choice, I’ve been sent there by work to look after kids while they fish.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy it but I can’t help but feel a little hard done by. When I was a kid, I pictured fishing as this almighty battle with a monster of the deep, culminating in victory for the fisherman and food for his family. The fishing I’ve been experiencing is another world. A much more real, dull world. A world of either sunburn or torrential rain, waiting for hours on end, spending hundreds of pounds on licences and strange bait that in no way resembles maggots/bread and, after all of this, throwing a 7lb, inedible fish back into a pond for the person next to you to catch.

I wish I still had that exciting perspective I had as a kid – So, I’ve endeavoured to draw it. The battle of heroes I used to think took place may not be real but it’s real enough in my head.

Give me a shout if you can think of stuff that seemed more awesome when you were a child. Other than everything, obviously. I’ll try and render it faithfully, so we can all relive it for a second.