PUBLISHED. Kind of. It’s the Sketchbook Project 2012!

Well what a fine evening it is!

I Just got a notification from Art House Co-op that my entry for the Sketchbook Project 2012 has been digitized and put up on their digital library for all of the world to see. Incidentally, “all of the world” includes you, my friends. So why not take a little peek? Here’s the link for you:

The project is a way of connecting the work of artists across the globe into a mega-tour of The States, Europe and Australia. I’ll post dates as I find them out, but keep it in mind. I’m definitely going to visit when it arrives in London… primarily to see the work of other artists but also partly to boost my sketchbook views (I get an email every time someone takes my book out for a read).

Don’t judge me.

NOTE: The featured image has nothing to do with the Sketchbook Project. He’s going to be the emergency news featured image bird.